Residential KnoxBoxes

Residential KnoxBoxes are secure, residential key safes that can only be access by first responders. Install a unit by your home's entrance and have peace of mind knowing your property and loved ones are protected.

Knox Homebox


Knox HomeBox Benefits

  • Allows first responders to enter the home quickly
  • Reduces forced entry property damage
  • Makes re-securing property easier and faster

Access when you need it most

The Knox HomeBox is a one-time purchase that requires no monthly monitoring fee. Mount the key safe by the entrance for rapid access by local first responders into:

  • Single Family Residences
  • Townhomes
  • Apartment Complexes

Multiple styles available

Check out the website to see which model may be right for you.

Order forms

The Wintersville Fire Department uses a single coded key for every KnoxBox in our community.  You can order online or get a signed form from us for ordering.  The box ships directly to the customer.  Once you receive the box and you install it, call the fire department directly at 740.264.4811 and we will come and lock your key into the box.

Community Service

The Wintersville Fire Department does not sell or make any money from these units.  We only provide the information to residential and commercial accounts so that they can have peace of mind that when we respond in an emergency, that we can enter without damaging doors or windows to gain access.

Commercial, Business boxes available

For many years we have had Knox Boxes for local business and apartment buildings.  This allows access into the property during an emergency.  These boxes are common access solutions in most every city across the country.  Every fire department has a unique key that only opens Knox Boxes in their community.  Please contact your local Fire Department or call Knox Customer Service at 800-552-5669 today.